First Wife

Some men know instantly that they want to marry the girl of their dreams. Other men slowly fall in love with a first girlfriend and secretly hope to ask for her hand in marriage. Whatever the case, there are ways to persuade the girl of your dreams to become your first wife.

To show a girl she should be your first wife, a man has to do a few things. The first step is making a woman comfortable with you. To make her comfortable, she should feel emotionally secure and fulfilled. Making a woman feel comfortable also requires showing her one’s financial stability. If a woman feels a man is financially stable, then she is much more likely to fall in love with a man and want to be his first wife.

Another way to mentally prepare a girlfriend to be one’s first wife is to ask for her opinions on family values and religious matters. Many women find that questions relating to family or religion are a signal that a man is interested in pursuing a long-term relationship. Another instant way to gain a woman’s interest is to ask her about views on children. If a woman is asked whether she would like children someday, this is an important question displaying a man’s interest in a woman. A woman may be able to take these questions as signals that a man is thinking about proposing to her in the next few months.

Asking a woman to attend church or a religious ceremony with you is another way to encourage her to become your first wife. By attending the same religious place together, a couple prepares for life as a husband and wife. Attending religious ceremonies is something that married couples usually do on a regular basis. It is something that can show a woman you are seriously in love with her.

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