Famous First Wives

Nobody forgets their “first,” especially the paparazzi. Famous first wives have always been a fascination for people. Magazines and newspapers cash in on these failed relationships, shining a harsh light on private heartache.

Here are the 5 most famous first wives:

1) Princess Diana

She is the most famous and most tragic of all first wives. Diana Spencer, the woman who would become wife to Prince Charles, was loved the world over.

Princess Diana was adored by children and hunted by photographers. They would be the last thing she ever saw.

2) Madonna

Madonna’s marriage to Sean Penn was meant to shatter. Two of the arts’ most unpredictable stars couldn’t last long together. Madonna has been a celebrity for as long as anyone can remember. She has dominated the music landscape, becoming the world’s top-selling female recording artist of all time.

Known for constantly reinventing herself, was it any surprise when Madonna became a divorcee?

3) Cindy Crawford

Once known as the most beautiful person on the planet, Cindy Crawford is now know as the first wife of actor Richard Gere.

The electrifying model put her stamp on the showbiz world with her long limbs, flowing brown hair and iconic mole. In 1995, the judge put his signature on her divorce papers.

4) Jennifer Aniston

After leaving “Friends”, Aniston found Brad Pitt. Their marriage lasted only a few years. Aniston would be reduced to playing left-overs while Pitt discovered Angelina Jolie.

5) Patricia Arquette

Born into the acting Arquette family, Patricia Arquette was separated from Oscar winner Nicholas Cage after only nine months. But they wouldn’t divorce for almost five years. It was the best acting of her career, some critics say.

Famous first wives will always be remembered. They were replaced, but not forgotten. Shine on, famous first wives!

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