First Wives In History

Some first wives in history have been renowned for their classic sense of fashion, while others made improvements in the rights of women. Whatever the case, first wives in history have tremendous impact and power over culture, politics, and even religious matters. Some of the most famous first wives in history have known how to impact all three areas of society in profound ways.

One of the most celebrated first wives in history is Eleanor Roosevelt. Eleanor Roosevelt was known for her ability to stand up for the rights of women during a time period that frankly stifled women. Ms. Roosevelt worked to provide educational funds to African Americans and women. In addition, she is responsible for helping to develop the United Nations. She even resigned from the Daughters of the American Revolution, after the organization failed to allow a black singer to perform during one of the DAR functions.

Another famous first lady in history was Jacqueline Onassis Kennedy. Ms. Kennedy helped to influence the world of fashion in an age where only American designers were celebrated in the United States. She became the first wife of a president to wear clothing from a French designer out in the public. Because of Ms. Kennedy, designers like Christian Dior and Chanel found their fame in the United States. Without the bold audacity of Ms. Kennedy to wear her own fashion choices, many French designers would not have found a market in the United States. Ms. Kennedy also served as an inspiration for women to create their own identity through fashion.

Ms. Kennedy and Ms. Roosevelt are the most memorable first wives of presidents in history. These women had such an incredible impact on society in the United States, that they will never be forgotten. While other first ladies have come and gone in the mind of society, these two ladies will remain for years to come.

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